Work for Passion, not Pension!


"I asked my wife, who was a kindergarten teacher, how she could tell if the children in her class were engaged or not. She replied: "That's easy. I look into their eyes. The eyes cannot lie." So I began to make it a habit of mine to look beyond the words and actions of my colleagues and to check their eyes. I even did this by introducing myself to perfect strangers in line at the coffee shop. Invariably, the few people I found with a spark in their eyes would speak to me passionately about the difference they were making today in their work. Conversely, I found many people with dead eyes, people of all ages who had 'checked out' and were excited only by the prospect of 'so many years before my retirement, so many months before my vacation, so many days before the weekend, etc. They complained about Blue Monday, Terrible Tuesday, Hump Wednesday, the day before TGIF and TGIF. Most felt trapped by their work situation, had stopped dreaming and talked of 'putting in their time'. "

At Dare to Lead, we believe that there is a leader in each and every one of us and we challenge you, we in fact DARE YOU to find that passion and let it shine through your eyes.

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